Data Release

Information For Parents Concerning Data Release

Federal Court Instructs Ohio Districts to Post Information for Parents Concerning Data Release

A U.S. District Court has ordered that 2013-2014 school year records from the Ohio Department of Education’s Educational Management Information System be turned over to Disability Rights Ohio as part of an ongoing lawsuit.

Under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, families of students whose data will be released must be notified and given the opportunity to object. The court is instructing all local education agencies to post notice about this opportunity to object on their district websites and in a central location, accessible to the public, in each building that is open to the public.

A copy of the notice – which includes instructions on how parents may object to the data release – can be found here. The court must receive objections no later than Sept. 12.

Students’ names, addresses and social security numbers are not part of the information to be released. Ohio is one of only three states that do not allow their departments of education to collect this data, to protect student privacy.

Data to be released for each student include student ID number, school name, grade, gender, race, age and disability category. The records also reveal student performance on the state’s Ohio Achievement Assessments and Ohio Graduation Tests, as well as tests related to Ohio’s Third Grade Reading Guarantee. Student suspensions and expulsions also are listed.

The data is subject to a protective order, which means Disability Rights Ohio cannot publicize it.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. Please contact the Ohio Department of Education’s legal office at (614) 466-4705 if you have questions.

Spotlight on Liberty Center's New Staff

Kaite Rhodes

Kaite Rhodes, originally from Bluffton, Ohio, went to school at Bowling Green throughout the last four years. Her first impression of the school was that it was small, but the staff was very collaborative,  which is one of the reasons she chose to work here.‚Äč When she did her student teaching here at LC, she liked the fact that we function as a close community both within and outside of the school. Miss Rhodes teaches 3rd grade Math, Science, and Social Studies. Her favorite aspect of teaching is when she sees a student get excited about understanding the material. When asked for her favorite school memory, she said that her kindergarten teacher had a cat and a chinchilla in her classroom and also brought her goat to the classroom for a week. During the summer Miss Rhodes enjoys refurbishing furniture, and in the winter, she enjoys scrapbooking.

News Flash

New Technology


Teachers and students alike are excited for the new technologies being implemented this school year. Over the course of this year, the technology department has acquired 110 new laptops and 50 iPads for student use. Along with this, the kindergarten through third grade are now utilizing interactive projectors. The large, bright screens provide a new and fun way to learn for our younger grades. The technology department is working to push our school forward with the new upgrades.  

Alongside the new pieces of technology, new programs are also being integrated into the workings of Liberty Center. Microsoft 365 will soon be replacing the use of Google Docs on every new laptop and iPad. This site provides an excellent and convenient source for all of a student's mail, documents, and school projects. One of the frontrunners for use of this site is the new Senior Experience Internship (SEI) course offered to ten seniors per year. SEI's goals are to improve communication throughout the district in the form of social media and updates to the school's webpage. We are looking forward to seeing where these changes will take us in the coming years. 

In the near future, the technology department is hoping to make several more updates. The interactive projectors are expected to expand throughout every grade in the entire school. Also, there is a plan in the works to get announcements to stream to the television in the cafeteria. There are many plans to continue technology expansion in the future. Some of these ideas, such as a large, mobile audio unit, will be brought into use once the new school is up and running.  

Liberty Center is quite excited to be brought up to speed in a fast-paced, technology-filled world and hopes to help students further understand the technologies that are quickly becoming part of everyday life. 

Digital Academy Renovations

Recently Liberty Center's Digital Academy underwent renovations. In the 2013-2014 school year, former teacher Mrs. Bright initiated these changes, which were sponsored by the Straight A Grant. The Digital Academy needed multiple improvements. These improvements include updating the furniture throughout the room, computer and software updates, and new technology in general. The grant paid for a new laptop cart, a uniform furniture set, additional enrichment opportunities, electives, and new learning programs such as Northwest Ohio Virtual Academy (N.O.V.A). Digital Academy teachers commented that the students seem to be responding well to the new renovations. 

The newest edition to the Digital Academy staff, Shannon Bozigar, hopes to continue the Digital Academies success and plans to expand the options available to students. If you have any questions about the Straight A Grant, the new renovations, or how to enroll your child in the Digital Academy please contact Shannon Bozigar at or 419-533-6641.

LC Gets Connected

Liberty Center Local School District is now on social media! Follow us on Twitter @LC_Tigers and "like" us on Facebook at Liberty Center Local Schools. 


Co-Teaching is a fairly new concept to Liberty Center Schools for the 2014-2015 school year. Co-Teaching involves two teachers working together to teach the same class. In previous years, a few math classes have had the same style, but this year the administration has endorsed a major push to have more classes follow this model. In an interview with Ms. Mericle, a high school English teacher, she described the program as having no downsides. The students in such classes hear ideas and lessons from two separate viewpoints which can help students to understand the lesson much easier. Most teachers only have one co-taught class during the day. There are roughly 25 teachers involved in this program.

Pay for It is now back up and running correctly and the issues have been resolved. All student fees will be posted after September 15th. If you have any questions please contact your child's Building Office.

Thank you. 

On behalf of the Liberty Center Local Schools, faculty, staff, and administration, I extend an enthusiastic greeting and sincere welcome to our public school system. I am pleased to have the opportunity to serve as superintendent of such an excellent school district.  Our pledge to students, parents, and community is a commitment to strive for excellence in all that we do to meet the needs of all students. Because we have a dedicated staff, a wonderful student body, involved parents, a committed board of education, and a supportive community. I am excited about the coming year and have high expectations for a superior school year. The major focus of our district is to ensure the highest level of academic achievement for all students.

As we begin our journey into the new school year, the Liberty Center Board of Education thanks you for your continued support and invites you to continue to become involved in our schools as we provide outstanding quality education to the students of the Liberty Center Local School System. Join our administrators, staff, parents, students and the entire community in our efforts to continue a legacy of excellence in this great school system. Education works best when it is a partnership between students, teachers, families and our community.


Kristi A. Thompson

Thank you to the levy committee who ran such a wonderfully organized and successful campaign.  We had 192 volunteers who worked relentlessly on this campaign.  We would like to thank the community for their continued support for our school.  We are looking forward to all of the opportunities a new building will afford our students. The students are excited at the reality of a 21st century learning environment and a new school. Liberty Center is looking to the future and the legacy this community has left for our students. Our need is real; every time there is a need, this community steps up and fills the need.  Thank you to the community of Liberty Center for once again stepping up and filling the need for our students.
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Kristi A. Thompson
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