School Starts Wednesday at 8:00 AM

If you have not picked up your packet come to the commons before school

Welcome to the new staff members

Mrs. Lawrence -Brown - Vo Ag

Mr. Short - Vo - Ag

Mrs. Setmire - Art

Mr. Green - Digital Academy

Mr. Rupp - Science

Ms. Strong - Health/PE

Mr. Van Arsdalen - Pupil Personnel

Mr. Johnson - Student Activities

If you have any questions please contact me in the HS office at  (419) 533-6641 ext 2106 or at

 Larry Black - HS Principal

Dress Code Issues

Several students have been in the office already because of dress code issues

Please read page 31 of the Student Handbook if you have any questions about acceptable dress

So far the issues have included:

1) Dress or shorts not long enough

(2) Clothes (pants) too tight - This includes Yoga pants

(3) Piercings other than in the ear

If you have any questions feel free to contact the HS office