Daily High School and Middle School announcements can be found on those school's webpages.  Simply click the "High School" or "Middle School" tab to see the announcements that were read to all students that day.


To help keep you updated, Mrs. Bright will be emailing newsletters to your "@mytda.org" email account.  These are for you to share with your parents.  Newsletters will be sent every OTHER week, beginning the first week of school in August.


During our summer orientation, you will also be setting up an "Edmodo" account.  This way, Mrs. Bright can update the Edmodo announcements throughout the day when something comes up (like a sports practice is canceled, or a permission slip is due the next day).  The Edmodo account will most likely to be fastest way for me to get you up-to-date, but it will be up to you to check it :)


At times, there may be a phone call or text to update you with announcements if it is really really important.  Because Mrs. Bright does not always know when she will be away from her desk, it is more difficult to update you all this way, but it may be necessary at times.  


The best way to make sure that you are in the loop, is to be sure to check the LC Schools webpage and your email FREQUENTLY.  Getting all of the up-to-date information will take an effort on both of our parts :)