New Ohio Assessment Schedule

The State of Ohio is introducing new assessments which will take the place of the Ohio Achievement Assessments that have been given to students in the past.  These New Ohio Assessments are tied to the new standards being taught to our students.

The assessments are shorter tests; however, there are three parts to the English Language Arts assessment and two parts to the Math assessment which will be given on different days.  The state has given us a 10-day window in which to complete all testing district wide.  The chart below indicates the dates we must use for our 10 day window.

We wanted you to have these dates early so you can make plans accordingly.  The 10-day window also will include any make-up testing days so we must follow them carefully.  We are asking you to please not plan any vacations or appointments during the testing windows.  We realize the assessments encompass a lengthy period of time but this is the time table the state has given all districts in Ohio.  The exact dates for each grade level testing will be announced as soon as we can put together a district-wide schedule.

Thank you for helping us provide a safe and calm environment for our students during these important assessments.




Feb. 18-Mar. 6



Performance Based Tests


English Language Arts and Mathematics                        

Grades 3-9




Mar. 2-13



Performance Based Tests


Science-Grades 5, 8, 9                                     Social Studies-Grades 4, 6, and High School




Mar. 16-20



Ohio Graduation Tests


All 10th Grade students and Juniors and Seniors who still need to pass one or more sections




April 13-May 1



End-of-Course Tests


English Language Arts and Mathematics                          Grades 3-9




May 4-15



End-of-Course Tests


Science-Grades 5, 8, 9                                       Social Studies-Grades 4, 6, and High School


Quarter Progress Reports

Digital Academy Progress Reports have been postal mailed for all students taking courses through the Liberty Center Digital Academy. The Progress Reports indicate current progress for each course based on pace completion of January 16th.   If you have any questions regarding the Progress Report or the Digital Academy, please do not hesitate to reach out.  I look forward to meeting you during parent/teacher conferences November 13th, from 3:30-7 pm and November 14th from 8-12.