Superintendents Message:

October 20th Board Report

2012-13 State Report Card

Our overall district results came back lower than anticipated.  Liberty Center’s “Overall Indicator’s Met” letter grade is a B, which dropped from an A last year and our “Performance Index” letter grade remains a

The district’s state report card is posted on our website.

Per state law this year 80% is required to meet an indicator; 75% was previously required to meet an indicator.

There are 10 Report Card Measures currently. In 2016 each of the following ten categories, or Components will have an overall letter grade: 4-Year Graduation Rate, 5-Year Graduation Rate, Performance Index, Indicators Met, Annual Measurable Objectives, Value-Added: Overall, Value-Added: Gifted Students, Value-Added: Lowest 20%, Value-Added Students with Disability, and K-3 Literacy.

Many conversations have been held around this topic at the local level and state level around our data.  On October 2, The Administrative Team discussed our Special Education data reflected on our school report card.  On October 7, Dr. Cathy Hamilton spoke with parents of students in the district being served by the Co-Teaching Model in the H.S. Media Center.  On October 8, Louise Dalton of the Northwest

Ohio Educational Service Center met with our Curriculum Director and the rest of the staff, including me, to have a discreet understanding of all the report card findings.   On October 16, the District Administrative Team met to discuss our report card data around the following areas: Achievement, Gap Closing, Graduation Rate, Progress, K-3 Literacy, Preparedness for Success, Gifted, and Special Education.

On October 7th, we had a very well-received meeting with parents, teachers, administrators, and a couple of our board members.  At this meeting, parents were invited to meet with Dr. Cathy Hamilton and answers were given to parents to some questions regarding our report card data. We also had great conversations about serving the needs of our special education population. We have agreed to continue to have these meetings periodically throughout the school year.

Like other school systems across this nation, our district works to ensure a competitive education for all children, including our special needs children. This past year, while some children had success stories, too many did not and that truth is reflected on the 2013 State Report Card.  Yet, before the state report card had arrived in September, we knew, from staff and administrative comments, that our year had not gone as well as we hoped in special education.

We were already having conversation around how we could make improvements prior to the public release of the report card data.  Some of the following changes are already in place for this current school year:

  •  * Improved scheduling developed collaboratively with staff.
  •  * Staffing needs assessment concluded that we will need to add an additional intervention specialist.
  •  * Student needs assessment around the percentage of students alternately assessed.
  •  * Consultant lead implementation of Co-Teaching.
  •  * Additional program and realignment monitoring by administration.
  •  * Bi-Weekly Meetings for Intervention Specialists and General Education Teachers to share concerns.
  •  * Quarterly Parent Meetings about meeting the needs of our Special Education Population.
  •  * Increased availability of technology for Intervention Specialists and students.
  •  * Extended Day Programming for K-12 students selected Monday through Thursday.
  •  * Action Plans for success will be created and carried out for student’s identified “At-Risk”.

I would be more than happy to discuss the data reflection and programming changes we intend to implement over the course of the year, to not only improve the educational programming for our students with Individualized Education Plans, but every child in our district. Additionally, if parents would like to meet with their building principal, the Director of Curriculum, and me regarding your child’s education, we would be happy to do so at your earliest convenience.  Liberty Center Educators are very concerned about how to close the achievement gap for all students and the impact education has on each and every child we serve.

We are working with staff to prepare students for the upcoming state assessments so that we can be ready when our students take them.  The hard work our staff has been doing has led to student achievement in Liberty Center Local Schools. Thank you to our staff for their dedication to the students at Liberty Center Schools. I am certain that through our teamwork we can continue to improve our student achievement and ensure progress for all students.  As a district, we will continue to look at our staffing, programming, and the diverse needs of every student learner and we will continue to have conversation around our student data.


Kristi A. Thompson Superintendent